Ah, racing. Check out my recent race reports, or the full listing below.

Recent Race Reports

  • May 24, 2020

    Family Marathon

    Training for Mountains to Beach marathon on the California coast started the first week in January. My mom was still alive, Coronavirus was yet to be a threat and we were so excited to help Xander as he trained for his first marathon.
  • November 11, 2019

    2019 Syracuse Half

    I signed up for this race 2 years ago with Scott. It was going to be a date weekend in November 2018. Neither of the kids wanted to join us so we got a hotel in downtown and looked forward to the chance to have a romantic running weekend.
  • August 9, 2019

    Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2019

    Training had been so so for swimming. I started back in May swimming in the pool and then switched to the lake right before the 4th of July. I anticipated many lovely swim practice afternoons after a quick trip to NYC with Scott and Elizabeth.

2020 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
May 24, 2020Family Marathon26.2 mi4:12:03

2019 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 17, 2019Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 201913.1 mi2:01:47226/4522/22
June 15, 2019My 5th Gorges Half (2019)13.1 mi1:56:50293/99011/81
August 9, 2019Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2019Olympic3:20:32116/14632/48
November 11, 20192019 Syracuse Half13.1 mi1:53:46771/316615/223

2018 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
January 21, 2018Hartshorne Masters Mile1 mi6:57
April 8, 2018Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 201813.1 mi1:55:59259/6253/43
June 16, 2018Gorges Half Marathon 201813.1 mi1:50:32213/9774/71
July 12, 2018Women's Distance Festival 20185k25:1320/100
August 5, 2018Cayuga Lake Triathlon - 2018Olympic3:26:35155/1955/7

2017 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 11, 2017Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 201713.1 mi2:01:25296/53510/24
April 30, 2017Flower City Half - 201713.1 mi1:49:08390/209910/141
June 27, 2017Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon13.1 mi2:13:10359/66226/52
July 13, 2017Women's Distance Festival 20175k24:0810/791/11
July 23, 2017Gillie Girl Sprint Triathlon 2017Sprint1:35:5139/2393/25
August 6, 2017Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2017Olympic3:26:05183/2139/12
August 27, 2017Green Lakes 50K50k5:38:4135/822/12
December 2, 2017PGXC 2017

2016 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 10, 2016Skunk Cabbage Half Marathon 201613.1 mi2:01:41361/6196/16
April 24, 2016Flower City Half - 201613.1 mi1:48:03371/21199/172
May 8, 2016Tri for the Y 20161:55:3858/1073/5
May 28, 2016Boston's Run to Remember 201613.1 mi2:08:283,559/6,214
June 18, 2016Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon13.1 mi2:06:05253/51222/71
July 14, 2016Women's Distance Festival 20165k25:055/40
July 17, 2016Gillie Girl Sprint TriathlonSprint1:35:5148/28610/65
August 7, 2016Intermediate Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2016Olympic3:18:26156/2126/10
September 26, 2016PGXC Cross Country Race #25k26:01161/185
October 2, 2016Wineglass Marathon 2016 (DNF)26.2 miDNF
October 24, 2016PGXC Cross Country Race #46k30:51
November 6, 2016New York City Marathon 201626.2 mi4:30:4025,348/51,2741,242/3,423
November 20, 2016Pete Glavin Series Cross Country Race #56k32:1339/50
December 13, 2016Jeff Cronk's Philadelphia Marathon Report13.1 mi

2015 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
March 22, 2015Syracuse Half Marathon13.1 mi1:59:08992/2,77353/298
April 12, 2015Skunk Cabbage Classic: Xander's First 10K10k1:02:15
April 26, 2015Flower City Challenge with Elizabeth13.1 mi2:07:50 
May 3, 2015Tri for the YSprint1:59:2070/953/5
June 14, 2015Gorges Ithaca Half Marathon13.1 mi2:02:37219/62026/121
July 13, 2015Women's Distance Festival 20155k24:456/64
August 5, 2015Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2015Sprint1:44:22157/3457/12
September 20, 2015Virgil Crest 100 Relay - The First 50 Miles100 mi
September 20, 2015Virgil Crest 100 Relay - The Last 50 Miles100 mi
October 4, 2015Wineglass Marathon 201526.2 mi3:48:41397/192717/182

2014 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 27, 2014Flower City Half Marathon13.1 mi1:50:47561/2,24514/160
May 3, 2014May Day 5K 20145k23:4123/2761
July 10, 2014Women's Distance Festival 20145k24:5118/875
July 20, 2014Forest Frolic 201415k2:02:3680/89
August 3, 2014Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2014Sprint1:46:35190/32710/20
August 23, 2014Green Lakes 50K50k6:04:0141/1012/20
October 5, 2014Wineglass Half Marathon13.1 mi1:46:11215/2,4497/325
October 19, 2014Chris Bond Run 20145k23:5119/167
November 23, 2014Philadelphia Half Marathon13.1 mi2:01:594,697/12,798216/887

2013 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 14, 2013Skunk Cabbage 201310k51:07111/4083/24
May 11, 2013May Day 5K 20135k23:4243/3453/65
July 11, 2013Women's Distance 20135k25:3918/1082
July 21, 2013Forest Frolic 20137k1:02:1375/85
August 5, 2013Cayuga Lake Triathlon 2013Sprint1:51:51187/306
October 6, 2013Wineglass Marathon 201326.2 mi3:56488/1,61530/152
November 9, 2013Interlaken SteepleChase 20135k24:3727/114
November 17, 2013Philadelphia Marathon 201326.2 mi3:59:294,101/16,000142/1,328

2012 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
June 13, 2012Ithaca Twilight 5K 20125k25:3852/21110/65
July 12, 2012Women's Distance Festival 20125k25:3036/1298
September 9, 2012Ithaca 5&10 201210 mi1:31:4786/12512/18
September 23, 2012Rochester Marathon 201226.2 mi3:58:29221/5749/37
October 14, 2012Chris Bond 5K 20125k24:5654/219

2011 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
April 25, 2011Tom Bugliosi Trail Run 201113k1:39:5565/67

2008 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
May 3, 2008My First Triathlon: Tri for the Y 2008

2007 Races & Reports

DateRaceDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
September 16, 2007Rochester Half Marathon 200713.1 mi2:12:52759/104854/72