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This was the first time I participated in this great local race! It takes place on a Sunday morning, and we typically spend our Sunday mornings in church. However, starting in spring of 2012, we took a break from church to evaluate things in our life, and while on "break" we decided to venture over to check things out.

The race is in honor/memory of local teacher and soccer coach, Chris Bond. He was my husband's teacher and coach growing up, and he died from cancer. The local Rotary club started the race in his honor. It is one of those races that just makes you happy! You know you are running in memory of someone who loved physical fitness, someone who inspired young athletes, and it just feels special to be involved.

Our entire family signed up, along with several of our friends. As with all local races, I was still a lot fearful of looking slow in front of friends and neighbors. I find the 5K distance to be the most challenging distance of all. It is FAST, and by the time I feel warmed up the race is over.

However, this chilly October day was great for racing, and the course was well lined with spectators in key spots, and our entire family had a blast! I was wearing my trusty Skirt Sports skirt and new CEP compression sleeves, and Elizabeth had her skirt on. We were fashionable for the day.

Results: 24:56, 54/219, 8:02 pace