Training. Here's a list of training resources, along with some fantastic training cycles for some of my bigger races.

Recent Training Reports

  • July 25, 2022

    24th Anniversary Run/Hike

    Today is my 24th wedding anniversary! I had the harebrained idea to run/hike 24 miles to celebrate with Scott. We are part of our local running club’s spring and summer FLRC Challenge.
  • December 31, 2021

    FLRC Challenge 2021

    The FLRC Challenge really inspired me for 2021! In a year of very few races and little intrinsic self-motivation, I relied on the opportunities to log miles that 'counted' for something.
  • August 22, 2021

    FLRC Challenge

    For 2021, the Finger Lakes Runners Club is hosting the FLRC Challenge! This is a chance to race all year on ten different local trail and road courses.

Training Resources

These are training resources that I've amassed over the years, and I hope you find them useful, too.

Family Marathon Training (or, Mountains 2 Beach)

Memorial Day weekend was supposed to be a destination marathon for us in Ventura, CA. Thanks to coronavirus, the race was canceled. So, we changed our plans and ran a marathon where we live instead!

MITHACAL Milers (Indoor Winter Training)

This is a training group sponsored by the Finger Lakes Runners Club that is specifically focused on improving the mile pace. It meets on Tuesday evenings at Barton Hall at Cornell. We go through a series of stretches followed by a warm-up run, followed by a tough interval workout and finish with a cool down run and core work.

Winter 2018 Training

As we enter 2018, I've written up a winter training plan to be ready for a variety of things. This winter portion is mostly just to stay in shape (and get into better shape for an April half marathon).

Mazamas Mountain Running Camp

My sister Sarah is in charge of the Mazama Mountain Running Camp near Mt. Hood, Oregon. We have talked about going before, but each year there was something that prevented the trip from working out. This year, as soon as she announced that it was time for Mazama Mountain Running Camp we looked at our calendar and saw that the dates were FREE!

Green Lakes 50K (2014)

This was my Training Plan. Here are weekly training updates for the race. Read my race report.

Flower City Half

My goal was to PR. My prior PR was 1:53:42 in the Red Baron Half. When training for the Red Baron it was my 2nd half marathon and first time doing one alone. My plan only focused on getting the miles in. After having completed a couple of marathons, I felt ready to mix things up. I selected this plan from Competitor Magazine and settled on a goal of 1:50. Here is my customized plan  to include all the other activities I find necessary to keep a strong core and keep my body less prone to injury.

Other Training Posts