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As I write this it is day 29 since our entire world changed in Central New York due to Covid-19. Schools abruptly shut on Monday March 16th (we found out on Friday evening the 13th of March). Elizabeth and I hiked on Monday and decided we'd have a hiking streak. We thought it would last through yesterday as we were originally slated to go back to school today. However, it looks like we're going to be hiking every day for the foreseeable future.

Extra hiking miles

While marathon training I've added 21 - 27 or more hiking miles to my weekly totals. I hike daily with Elizabeth and then still try to get some hiking in with friends. After all, that's the only way to safely see a friend these days and even that is controversial. I have also started walking with my dad (he even joined Strava) and he's up to 2 miles a day. That is the only way I can see him and it helps us both focus on something as we walk and talk.

This week's running

My running was pretty unremarkable this week except for the fact that I did wimp out from outdoor running two days in a row. What I've learned about myself is that if I hike first and it is cold outside, my legs are just done and I can pretty much talk myself into skipping running. The key is to RUN first and then hike. I managed a run with a friend on Tuesday. She joined me for the last 4 miles of my 7 mile run and I also ran with her on Sunday with the same strategy only this time we were together for the first 5 and I did the last 3 solo. My plan called for 36 miles this week and because of my double weather wimp outs I managed 32. I had 24 hiking miles and 12 walking miles so it wasn't too bad.

About the weekly distance

I wish that I was hitting higher mileage. I looked at my plan this week and realized that I'm pretty much hovering in the 30-35 mile range for my weekly mileage. It isn't terrible, but I know that the marathon would be more fun if I was logging more hours.

My 50-50 is 3 years away

A few years ago when Sarah ran Western States, Scott and I had the opportunity to support her. We weren't part of her official crew, but we were able to help in some ways and we were there for the entire 29 hours. We started talking about our own long distance desires. Scott has since done a couple 50Ks and a couple of 50 milers. I've done two 50Ks. We both enjoyed the experience and the training and started to talk bigger. What if we did a 100 for our 50-50? After I got a stress fracture last summer I think I pretty much ruled that out. Exercise and activity means a lot to me - enough to play things a little safe to avoid injury. Plus, I don't adore the trails the way Scott does. I love to hike, but running on trail still evokes the kind of fear I felt in high school track.

Today on our hike though Elizabeth said, "I can't believe you and dad are 3 years away from being 50." I realized then that we should have that conversation again. How will we celebrate? Will we be here for it? In the midst of this pandemic we're updating our wills and thinking about this. Provided we come through this and stay healthy maybe we'll both do a 50 miler to celebrate?

The BDT "long" run

The part of my plan that I took from the Hanson plan was the back to back semi-long run. Basically learning to run on tired legs across two days instead of doing one super long run every weekend. On Saturday I ran 12 to Ithaca on the Black Diamond Trail. The entire time I felt grateful that they haven't closed this trail. I was blissfully happy for every footfall of this run. It was sunny after two days of rain and snow. It was warm enough to run in shorts with gloves, a windbreaker and long sleeves so I was happy.

After I arrived to the Finger Lakes Running Company where my kids were doing a photo shoot to help get their store up and running for e-commerce, I hung around awhile and waited for them to be ready. As I waited, I felt pretty silly for not taking on another 1.1 miles to finish a half, but I was also pretty cold and tired so I didn't kick myself back out the door!

The next day called for 8 miles, and that fit in pretty easily.

There are only 6 weeks left til race day!! I'm sure the world will change a lot during that time and hopefully at least a little bit for the better!! At least I know for sure the weather will improve and I can at least look forward to seeing some friends outside.