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Another great training week! The weather was pretty cooperative and I managed to start getting a little bit of cross training for the upcoming Cayuga Lake Tri. With 35 total running miles, a 28 mile ride and two sessions of swimming totaling 1600 yards, I'm satisfied.

Monday After taking the weekend off for a trip to NYC, my legs were ready to run. I Opted for road after dropping Xander off at his 45 minute Oliver rehearsal and made it back right on time to pick him up. (5.18, 45 min, 8:41 pace) Later that evening, Elizabeth had dance so I enjoyed BodyPump and my first pool session of the season. (800 yards, 21 min, 45:06 pace). Tuesday I led a group run for FLRTC  at Buttermilk. It was early and at the same time as another event, so I knew it was unlikely to be a big group, but Patty came and we had a GREAT time despite the muggy 94 degree heat! Thunderstorms were looming and we enjoyed just a little cooling rain on our run.  I'm planning it again this week if anyone is free. 5:15 p.m. for about an hour and fifteen minutes at Buttermilk. (5.28, 1:11, 13:30 pace). Later that night I grabbed 20 minutes on the Skier's Edge for cross training.

Amy vs. Tree

Amy vs. Tree

Wednesday was my first time at Jessica's Wednesday night BodyPump class since she got married. Great fun! I followed this by swimming again. Twice in the same week! (800 yards, 21 min, 45:06 pace) Thursday my plan called for a hilly run, so I did just that. I did it in two loops so I could grab water at my mailbox mid-run. I worked on form and after a first loop with a 9:16, my goal was to have loop two be faster. Goal met! (7.36 miles,  1:07, 9:03 pace). Later; Skier's Edge for 20 minutes. Friday Jenny and I squeezed in our long run before a weekend of time with family, and Scott's first 50K! We met early at Island Fitness for our 2nd fall back week of 16 miles. We ran 3 in Cass Park on roads before doing 10 on the Black Diamond Trail and our last 3 in Cass. This was perfect!

Saturday After watching Scott run 32.9 miles, I felt silly going out for my one hour run. I decided to do a hilly route and spent the entire run calculating paces for Green Lakes. Today was the first time I realized that for every 32 minutes added to a time, it was a one minute per mile addition. With Scott finishing in 5:40, suddenly our predicted 7 hour finish that Jenny and I have been discussing doesn't seem so realistic. (7.21, 1:12, 9:59 pace)

Sunday While working at the Finger Lakes 50s South Beach Aid Station with my friend Michael, I mentioned I planned to run the Cayuga Lake Tri course on Sunday morning. He wanted to get a ride in too, and pretty soon we had plans for a morning outing. It was my longest ride of the season on a perfect biking day! (28 miles, 1:57, 14.4 pace). I selfishly followed this with Melissa's Yoga class in Cass Park before joining the family again!