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A few more swaps

Week #2 brought more switching things up than the first week. I was able to stick with the plan for Monday and Tuesday and then the forecast looked rough for late week. With that in mind I threw in running on Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday my legs felt like lead as I ran in the snow with my daughter. I felt grateful that she wanted to have an easy run!!

With markups for week #2

With markups for week #2

Check the temperature before heading out

On Saturday morning Scott and I raced around the house to get ready for a ski trip. Xander had All County Chorus and Elizabeth had orientation for school. So the two of us had the morning to work, exercise and prepare for our trip. I knew I had to get a 6 mile run in, and also knew it was going to start snowing mid-day. I threw on pretty warm clothes, an ear band and mid weight gloves and headed out.

Once I was outside I realized fairly quickly that I should have donned heavy mittens and even hand warmers. Still, I thought I would be fine. My run was pretty great until mile 4. Then, I realized my hands were frozen. There was nothing I could do about it except run and hope to get back soon! Scott would be greeting me with the sauna heated up. This has become one of our favorite ways to relax after a chilly run.

I returned home and had to ask for his help to get my shoes off and my phone out of my waist belt. My hands were already tingling and I was in some pretty significant pain. He asked if I wanted to wait to head to the sauna. "No. I'm good," I said. We walked out and it was only a few moments until I couldn't stand the pain. I was jumping around, freaking out, whimpering and just generally thinking I might die from the pain. Poor Scott just kept asking me to calm down and reminding me that it wouldn't last forever. About 6 minutes into the warmth and I felt normalcy start to return to my hands. "How cold is it out there anyway?" I asked. "15 degrees." He then asked what gloves I had worn. I shared that I wore the mid-weight gloves he gave me a few years ago. He smiled and said, "mittens would have been a good choice." Yes they would have been. And hand warmers too!

Weekly mileage totals

I was supposed to hit 20 miles for the week and only ended up at 18.76. It is low for a normal week and even lower for pre-marathon training. However, most workouts were met. It was a busy week at work, my mom ended up in the hospital suddenly and we had a very quick ski trip planned that took up most of two days. I look forward to hopefully not mixing days up quite so much this week!