Main image for Winter Training Week 1 Time to Read: ~2 min

Week 1 Summary

I've decided to put a quick weekly update here about how training went for the prior week. Did I follow it? How do I feel about things. What did I listen to (if I listened to inspiring things etc).

First, the summary. I was supposed to hit 22 miles for the week and managed 17.5. One day was really cold and I did start my run only to come inside and switch to cycling indoors. I just wasn't feeling it and figured I'd make it up later.

This week was rather easy because it was break week. There was no juggling of schedules, no pressure from daylight - just loads of time. Ironically fitness wasn't a huge focus either. Sometimes I think that my family could live on a boat or in a small cottage together. This was our first year in a decade that we didn't ski for the entire break - not even once. We spent almost the entire week in our house together. We played every game under the sun; Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, and Clue. In fact all the family activities were what made it hard to kick myself out the door to work out.

Long run podcast

My best run this week was my 8 miler on Saturday. I did a favorite out and back and popped in a Tim Ferriss podcast. It is titled, Terry Crews - How to have, do and be all that you want. It was exactly what I needed to listen to that day. It was so interesting that I came home and before I could even change my clothes I rewound it back to let the kids listen to an especially inspiring part. Later that night we were making polenta (think stirring for 50 minutes) so Scott popped his headphones in, volunteered to tend to the stirring and started the podcast. I highly recommend it for a long run or a car ride. I prefer the run because it is the type of podcast that will help your run just feel especially wonderful.

Things to ponder

There are a couple of things I'm considering at the end of this week. The first is a nutrition log partly for fun and partly to keep me focused on nutrition for winter. We had our annual homemade cheesecake for New Year's Eve, too many Christmas cookies over the break etc. I know things will settle back into normal, but right now my nutrition feels like it has gone awry. I may give myself a week to consider this though as logging has never been a strong suit/high priority interest item for me.

Oh and the biggest reason for doing the summary this way? It is because I'm using ForScore to edit my plan and I think it is super cool. It is the same thing I'm using to make my iPad work nicely with a SmartBoard in school and it is super fun. It is A LOT more fun than just marking up a training plan in pencil!!