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Another year has passed and it is time to kick off 2018 with another training plan. The first race Scott and I signed up for this year is the Skunk Cabbage Half so it is conveniently the end of this plan.

After taking a full month off from running I'm easing back in with apx 20 mile weeks for the next two weeks and then starting to increase mileage. There are many weeks that I put in double days of interval training, BUT having never done the MITHACAL miles group, I may have to turn the 2nd speed day into regular running. I will have to watch how my body handles the speed work as staying injury-free needs to be my ultimate priority.

This plan doesn't include any swimming (sadly) because right now I don't have regular access to a pool or time to swim. However, I will try to sort that out for the next cycle so that I can get back into some semblance of swimming shape!!