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This week was a light week for running and really for exercise of any kind. It is challenging with daylight, cold and rain and just the crazy schedule I've been keeping. I felt happy that I could hit 17 miles for the week and manage to do some other things besides running as well.

One of the things that I knew when I wrote this plan up was that it would be a struggle to make every workout. A friend noted that there weren't any real rest days allocated. I assured her that they would happen by necessity.

We took our first ski trip this week - a simple one day trip to Whiteface. The drive to ski ratio was all out of whack - 10 hours of driving over 2 days for 5 hours of skiing one day. While I really enjoyed the skiing, I probably wouldn't make that choice again. We managed 20 miles of downhill and our quads were exhausted. I do so wish we lived just a bit closer to a large mountain. Our kids have raced for the past 9 years and this is their first year not ski racing. As such, it is our first year without season passes to a local mountain and our plan is to do a few bigger trips. I never used to understand why people without passes wouldn't take at least one or two trips to a local mountain. Now I do - I'd rather just not ski than pay $74 a day for a small mountain. It is the same cost (or more) than going to a big mountain like Whiteface or Gore and just managing the drive part. Anyway, after all this ramble - my point is that while I was skiing all day and driving I wasn't running this weekend!

I also participated in my first one mile race last week. It was an awesome experience that I'll be writing about this week. It did contribute to my lower than usual mileage last week.

All in all this was a good week of activity, just a little light on the running miles.