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My goal this month was to focus on getting back into a good routine and to approach each workout with a full heart.

I had no training plan because I’m not training for a race and with the in and out of school and the recent COVID quarantine I just came out of, it felt like a time to just allow life and workouts to happen without judging myself for success or failure goals.

Even so I did set up some loose goals for myself.

I signed up for several Strava challenges so that I’d make sure to complete some minimum fitness things.

  • January 5K
  • January 10K
  • January Fresh Start Challenge (30 hours of workouts)
  • Sweaty Betty New Year 90 (4.5 hours of workouts)
  • NYRR Resolution 5K by January 17th

Strava Challenges

A word about these Strava challenges. They are easy to sign up for. You just click the button as it pops into your screen. You can absentmindedly sign up for one and then totally forget about it. There are no repercussions for not completing what you sign up for. So, I listed them on my sheet and made a point to look at them to know what I had signed up for.

21 Day Yoga Challenge

I also signed up for my yoga instructor’s 21 day yoga challenge. Every day she sends us a text with the yoga sequence for that day. She has everything posted on her YouTube channel and she also takes the time to write down all the poses for us.

The group is very chatty by text and I only sometimes pop into the fray. Most days I try to remember to do the sequence. Some days I post it in Strava and most days I don’t. Sometimes I try to do 3 or 4 in one day to catch up, but many times I just do one and many other times I don’t make time for the challenge at all. This round found me at a little more than halfway complete by the end of the 21 days. Still, in sticking with my focus of no judgement, I allowed myself grace and accepted the level of achievement that I was able to hit.

The FLRC Challenge

The Finger Lakes Running Club is preparing to start a challenge SOON. Scott is helping to build the website for it so I am loosely aware of the options. I thought it was going to be announced by January so I did intend to run one of the segments a couple of times this month. However, it is not yet launched so that will have to wait. The lack of this really caused me to curb back my running for the month. Many days it was snowy or cold and since I’m so fresh off quarantine I just found myself comfortable with the elliptical or the bike or rower inside my home gym. As the month draws to an end I’m starting to feel the pull to get back into a regular running routine. I think I have a couple more weeks left of light running and then I’m going to pick it back up again. I signed up for a virtual half marathon in late March so that will be what pushes me back into a training routine and gets my butt out the door as late winter approaches.

January by the Numbers

January's Calendar View

January's Calendar View

Get a closer view of January's Calendar or check out the handwritten PDF of my plan.

Box Plot of Daily Workout Duration

Box Plot of Daily Workout Duration

With a goal of NOT focusing on numbers I made sure not to be counting activities or minutes or anything for that matter. I ended up with 57 hours of activities and that represented 117 miles. This was split between 80 individual activities.

I teach middle school math and one of our classes recently studied statistics. I put all my rough numbers in for # of minutes spent working out each day and created a box plot.

The data is (minutes each day): 150, 146, 86, 128, 61, 54, 91, 71, 98, 152, 118, 67, 85, 63, 84, 163, 110, 252, 83, 104, 140, 40, 174, 137, 158, 89, 90, 112, 83, 160, 150

The data points include:

Population size: 31
Median: 104
Minimum: 40
Maximum: 252
First quartile: 83
Third quartile: 150
Interquartile Range: 67
Outlier: 252
Mean: 112.87