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I haven't actually started using Heart Rate training for my running. However, I have a monitor and a device to pair with it and do plan to! This is the information about my heart rate.

My maximum heart rate is 187

Based on the reading I've done, I've learned this about heart rate. The numbers are all relative to my maximum heart rate, but the percentages are useful for calculating your HR for different run durations and goals.

Heart Rates

  • Long Run 149.6 (20% lower than max HR)
  • Medium Run 168.3 (10% lower than max HR)
  • General Aerobic Run 130.9-151.7 (70-80% of max HR)
  • Lactate Threshold Run 134.64-170.17 (72-90% of max HR)
  • Recovery Run <142.2 (<76% of max HR)