Main image for Family Marathon Training Week 13 Time to Read: ~2 min

This was a fall back week for mileage. It felt pretty low key. We're all settling into what feels like self-quarantine. I pretty much leave my house to hike with Elizabeth, walk with my dad and run either by myself or with one or two friends. I am settling into a fitness routine that includes a lot of hiking! Elizabeth and I laughed yesterday thinking that one thing I was really sad about when she left for college was that we wouldn't get to hike together. Now we're hiked a consecutive 21 days together!

The workouts this week

  • Monday: BodyPump, 3 mile hike with Elizabeth and 3 mile hike with Lynn, Teresa and Christina
  • Tuesday: 3 mile hike and 5 mile run
  • Wednesday: 3 mile hike
  • Thursday: 4 mile run and 3 mile hike
  • Friday: BodyPump and 3 mile hike
  • Saturday: 3 mile hike
  • Sunday: Skunk Cabbage family half marathon


I skipped some of the cross training this week because of the hiking. I'm finding that my legs are tired from the hiking. The rim trail at Taughannock park is one of my favorite trails, BUT I'm going to be happy when Treman and Buttermilk open up and are options. I look forward to having a drive so it feels like more of an outing. The trails also offer longer options so that will be fun.

I felt really grateful to be able to attend Zoom yoga for Pure Sweat again this week. This is our 3rd class and it is something I really look forward to. In some ways I'd like to add another weekly class, but other times I want to just stick with the one as something to bookend the week and to look forward to.

The weather was still not excellent this week so Elizabeth and I felt like brave hikers as we headed out in cold and rain a couple of times during the week.

The Skunk Cabbage Half was a huge highlight of this week - it will have a page for a race write up. Because of that, this weekly summary is really short.

Next week's goals

This week ramps things up. The mileage is back up after this fall back week. Mid-week runs are longer and will require more energy. I need to run BEFORE I hike so I don't lose resolve for running after the hike. It is funny that because we said hiking was a streak it can't be skipped. With running, when it is on my plan I usually do it, but could skip. Hmmm ....