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  • April 26, 2020

    Family Marathon Training Weeks 15 & 16

    Elizabeth and I started our 2nd month of daily hikes. On the morning of April 16th we awoke to snow and COLD. We hadn't photographed our first month, but this was enough to make us decide to photograph month 2!!
  • April 13, 2020

    Family Marathon Training Week 14

    As I write this it is day 29 since our entire world changed in Central New York due to Covid-19. Schools abruptly shut on Monday March 16th (we found out on Friday evening the 13th of March).
  • April 6, 2020

    Family Marathon Training Week 13

    This was a fall back week for mileage. It felt pretty low key. We're all settling into what feels like self-quarantine. I pretty much leave my house to hike with Elizabeth, walk with my dad and run either by myself or with one or two friends.

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