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The first "pre-training" week went pretty well! I hit my training goals and only shuffled a few things around. There were only a few things to contend with this week.

I ended up moving my Friday evening run. I went to BodyPump and mentioned to a friend that I had to run 3 miles when I got home. It was raining and it was windy and she said, "Why would you have to do that?" I explained that I had gotten home from work late and didn't want to run in the rain right before BodyPump. Then I'd be wet for class. I felt totally ok running afterwards in the rain. I said I had started marathon training. Her response was, "Couldn't you just tack on 3 to a weekend run?"

When we got home I realized that made a lot of sense. It was 6:30 and it was pouring outside. We have no snow so there was nothing to illuminate the road meaning I'd have to wear a headlamp. I pushed things off. Thanks Christina for the suggestion!