Main image for Mountains 2 Beach Training Week 9 Time to Read: ~4 min

The week

  • Monday - Les Mills on Demand BodyPump 111
  • Tuesday - MITHACAL Milers
  • Wednesday - 6 mile outdoor run
  • Thursday - 4 mile outdoor run
  • Friday - travel day to Whiteface - REST
  • Saturday - ski Whiteface (18.7 miles downhill)
  • Sunday - 3 mile Taughannock rim trail hike, 10 miles Black Diamond Trail run

A pretty good training week

A great mid week run!

There were several highlights of this week. The first was my really amazing 6 mile outdoor run after school on Wednesday. I left the house in shorts, a tank top, gloves and an ear band. It was sunny and I thought it was warm. It was decidedly NOT warm. About 1/2 mile in I realized I'd be cold, but I was too lazy to turn around. A chilly run in shorts it was!! I also had intentions of doing 4-5 miles but decided to do the Falls/Rabbit loop which would bring me in at 6 miles. I've struggled on this loop a lot over the last two years, needing to constantly negotiate with myself to run up Rabbit. This run was my 2nd in a row that I just ran up it - no need to negotiate. I came home happy as a lark and sat in the foyer asking Elizabeth to take my shoes off for me. My hands were FREEZING.

Whiteface family ski day

The 2nd highlight was our family ski trip to Whiteface. We brought the kids back to the hotel we'd gone to as a couple just a week or so prior. We planned to arrive by 7:30 and enjoy dinner in the really delicious hotel restaurant and then get up and ski Whiteface the next morning. Our drive was good - we listened to some of Michelle Obama's book as we drove (highly recommend) and we listened to Elizabeth's Les Mills Barre music (also very good!) Soon we were there and ready for our 7:45 pm dinner. What a difference the group makes. When Scott and I went we dined on a really nice meal but as a family we went with burgers (and beer for Scott and me). It was casual, filling and delicious. Though, I had trouble falling asleep eating SO much right before bed. We had talked about sitting in their super cool lounge and reading but it was almost 9 when we finished dinner. We were exhausted and all just fell asleep. The next day we got first tracks at Whiteface and enjoyed a full family day of skiing and driving home. We completed our day with a couples' trip to Garrett's Brewing. This is our new favorite place to hang out, making for the perfect end to a day of skiing.

Long run with Teressa

On Sunday we woke up 2 hours late because of the time change. Typically I spend my time between 5 am and 7 am grading or baking and I lost those two hours. A bit after 8, my friend Lynn texted about running. We had casually talked about biking because the high temp for the day was going to be around 60. My bike is buried in our shed so I knew this was unlikely for me, but told her I'd love to run. However, Lynn is a morning runner and Elizabeth was flying out to Oregon for spring break in the afternoon. I wanted to be home when she was around and I had a lot of baking and grading to do.

I replied to the text explaining my day. I told Lynn and Teressa and Christina I was going to run later and asked if anyone was up for an afternoon run instead of an am run. I set up shop at the kitchen table working on grading and submitting progress report grades. Elizabeth and I had breakfast together and she headed off to the gym. We agreed to hike the rim trail at 11. I thought, "I'll definitely be ready by 11!" She arrived back from the gym at 10:50 and laughed that I was still in pajamas grading. I was ALMOST done so I finished up and then quickly got ready. We had a lovely but slightly chilly hike.

Soon I came home and jumped into a few hours of baking. Christina had texted back by this point that she was enjoying her ski day at Greek Peak as an adaptive ski coach. Lynn had already run. Teressa was up for a run. We agreed to meet at 3. I said goodbye to Scott and Elizabeth as they headed to the airport around 1:30. I was baking at a pretty quick clip as Xander came in to chat. We talked a bit and then he headed downstairs to do SAT prep, music practice and homework. Realizing I wasn't going to be ready by 3, I texted Teressa to see if 3:30 would work. It would! Great.

I met Teressa at the top of the trail and we headed out. It was warm enough for shorts, a tank top and gloves by this point. We settled into a comfortable rhythm right away. I haven't run with Teressa in a long while. It was nice to catch up and to run together. Soon we were 5 miles in. As we chatted about upcoming things she shared that she hasn't run longer than 6 miles. One of the things I love about running with T is that she's willing to give anything a go. In her mind it was totally ok to tackle 10 out of the blue. She's been running - just not quite that distance. Our run was good and at a better pace that I'd have expected for how exhausted I was and how little training she had on her feet. We had a 9:26 overall pace for our BDT run.

I headed home and finished the last of my baking. Of course I saved all the hard stuff for last. I was making the Cornell bear mascot and 24 cow cupcake toppers into the evening. I always underestimate how long things will take!! Working on that.

Final thoughts for the week

This week was good. I hit most of the workouts. Things didn't feel too taxing or overwhelming. The long run was good. I'm worried for next week when the long run jumps to 16 and we have to run 8 the day before. My schedule will probably require that I switch up the order on this, but I haven't decided yet. All in all things are going well for 9 weeks in. Now I'm just hoping late spring events don't end up cancelled for coronavirus!!