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In this third training week I started to feel like myself again. It is less challenging and feels more "normal" to just kick myself out the door to run. I'm glad I took the month off from running because it reminded me how it feels when you just start. I also got to enjoy an entire month with nice loose calves!!

Weekly highlights

This week we had our 2nd ski trip cancelled (well thankfully we are able to postpone this one) due to weather. We had an ice-storm/snow storm forecasted to come through on Friday night followed by sub zero temperatures. New York would get it, but in Vermont they were calling for widespread power outages. We all decided we'd rather be out the money than be trapped in Vermont in a hotel with no power for the weekend and/or skiing for the first time of the season with a forecasted high of -2. Luckily Jay Peak was willing to change the reservation dates for us, so we spent the entire weekend home.

What that meant for training was time to go to BodyPump on Friday, time for rpm on Saturday and a 6 mile run on Sunday. I should/could have done a long run but the way timing worked on Sunday I didn't have an opportunity to get more than 6. I decided I could go back out and get another 4 later on, or just accept that I'd be one mile shy of my goal for the week and have no long run. I opted for the latter.

Racing and such

On Saturday Scott realized we'd be in town for an indoor mile racing opportunity. "Wanna do it?" He asked me. "Not especially." I replied. "Why?" Well, I had a ton of baking to do for my business and I was spending my other free time working for my teaching job. I had a brainstorm for another use for my iPad in the classroom and was spending what even I recognize as an obscene amount of weekend time working on it. "No I don't want to." I said again. "I want to use the time that I am not working to get a longish run in and to play Risk with the kids." He was ok with that, deciding to brave the race alone. It was better this way anyway because we wouldn't have run anywhere near each other in the day, so it would have been a longer time commitment. He had a really interesting first mile race that made me super SCARED for the Hartshorne Mile next weekend. Check out his race report.

When he came home and reminded me that a mile is EIGHT times around the track I remembered just how HARD that mile time trial was. I also looked at my plan and realized that by running this I have no time to get a long run in AGAIN this weekend. So, by force this coming week is a fall back week in mileage. I'm also super worried for the race because I'll be going in with very tired legs based on the week's training plan. So, my focus for this coming week is to relax and try not to stress about Saturday!