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Week 2 Summary

This week we had a polar plunge in Central New York State and in the entire East coast pretty much. It was so cold that Scott thought ahead about how we could hit our weekly running and called our local key access fitness place to inquire about rates. At $30 per month for each of us we decided to sign up. We can cancel anytime and if we go just a few times it is better than paying the day rate at our old gym in Ithaca. I was grateful that he did this as I would certainly have subbed out my running workouts for the bike this week if we didn't have the gym.

The week was pretty much as written with some shuffling. We had our 2nd week of MITHACAL Milers and that was a lot of fun but it made my day after "easy run" feel more challenging. Scott and I added a new Les Mills core workout on Sunday called CX Works. FLX Fit Club, our group fitness gym is starting to offer this so we thought, "let's check it out" and now we wonder why we never tried it before. With its half hour format it was a really challenging but quick class. We need better resistance bands if we plan to do it with any regularity, but we'll hold off for a bit on that.

In looking ahead at next week, I know things are going to be a little bit off. We had to cancel this weekend's ski trip due to cold, but next weekend is a 3 day travel weekend. I know I have to bolt from school Friday to grab 6 miles before heading to Jay Peak. My plan is to fit in a 6 mile run on Saturday but I think it is unlikely based on the forecast (5 inches of snow and 17 degrees). Still, I will toss my yak traks in and hope for the best.

I'm pleased with how the first two weeks have gone. I hit my mileage and then some this week, and I hope I can come close this coming week!!