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I've FINALLY put my winter training plan into a schedule. I only have the plan in for week one, but I KNOW what I want to do each week. I'll be running the Skunk Cabbage Half on April 9th and my only goal for this is to run a comfortable, happy pace. The kids will run the 10K and Scott is also running the half. I have two more half marathons coming up after this, and will layer more speed training in after the Skunk to make faster half goals realistic.

I decided that posting this here will keep me honest and help me commit to updating it! As I head into this training "plan" that I'm making up, I have been hitting about 20-25 miles per week for January following a 2 week full break from running in December. Prior to that, my normal running load was 30+ miles per week on average.

See the plan.