Main image for Green Lakes Training Week 1 Time to Read: ~2 min

The May Day 5&5 is complete! We had our post race wrap up meeting and set the date for next year. Now it is time to launch into the next training plan. I signed up for the Green Lakes 50K on August 23rd, and this week was week 1 of training. I am following Scott's training plan that he's using for his first 50K. Here are the week's highlights.

The first day was 45-60 minutes easy. We have a swap that we do during piano/dance lessons, so during my hour of workout time, I ran around Cass Park. After 30 minutes I was ready for a new challenge, so I hopped onto the Black Diamond Trail for the rest of the time. My first time on trail for the season and I LOVED it! Great start. I was feeling jazzed for the race.

Wednesday brought a hilly run into my life. After spinning I talked Christina into joining me on a Black Diamond trail run. It was GREAT! We headed up for 25 minutes and then back down. After this run I was thinking "Yay! I'm so glad I didn't get into NYC marathon so I can do this trail race." I think I like trail running.

Thursday ushered in stomping and tears. Scott asked me to join him on the Rim Trail while Xander was at soccer practice. I spent the entire downhill time fearful of the uphill and then much of the uphill was stomping and whining. Scott says, "you know all that stomping is getting in the way of a good workout!" and I think, "I'm NOT a trail runner!"

Saturday was the first long trail run of the plan. Jenny joined me and we headed up the Black Diamond trail for 5 miles. Hot, humid day with no hydration and we were exhausted by mile 2. We were both wearing new shoes, and were not quite ready to get them muddy! We ran into Scott on his 22 mile run and got some hydration. When we finished the run, we were so thirsty we ended up drinking from the dog spout in the park!

Sunday was Mother's Day and I enjoyed a one hour run with my great friends and running partners, Christina and Jenny. It was nice to run for time with no worry about pace, and on this lovely sunny day we had planned water stops. Bonus, it was the day I was painting my house so this was my break from painting, making it even more fun!

Overall at the end of week #1 I feel excited and worried. I am ready for the challenge, and grateful for friends willing to train with me.