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Race Day

As part of my training for the Wineglass Marathon I needed to run 6 miles on this particular evening. However, the Women's Distance Festival was my first 5K ever and has become an annual thing for Elizabeth and me. So, on this night I ran the race and then, I grabbed some water and turned around to run the course in reverse. It was a fun night - Scott's 40th birthday and he and Xander worked the water stop. I made an announcement at the beginning for people to wish him Happy Birthday as they passed. He received over 100 birthday wishes while wearing his silly lime green "I am 40" shirt we made him. Brenda Michaud and her daughter Jocelyn were running this too!

This race is such a fun evening event, and this year was no exception. It is a challenging course (flat horse trail for the first mile, uphill for what feels like a never ending 2nd mile and then some and then towards the very end there's a nice downhill). I ran the race with a 25:40 overall (mile 1 split was 7:59, mile 2 was 8:47). I was hoping for sub 25 but this was consistent with my prior year's time (25:30)


Time: 25:39; 18/108; 2nd in age group  Official Results

Elizabeth: 32:11; 3rd in age group