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I didn't specifically train for a 5K for this race, but I had just completed a training cycle for the Flower City Half Marathon and participated in that race one week prior. I was very excited to participate in the May Day again this year. I have decided that next year I will stay on site, so this was my 2nd and possibly last time participating as a racer.

Race Day

The May Day 5K is a big fundraising event that I help organize every year. This year we had the race professionally timed for the 2nd year, this year by Fast Finishes  so I was able to leave the race site and run it again. Last year it took me a full mile to catch my son Xander and his friend Drew, but this year I caught them within the first .3 mile (it was a cold winter and they hadn't trained as much as last year but I was still pscyhed!) We got our course USATF certified this year, so the distance is a little bit longer than last year. I ran just behind our 23 minute pacer, trying to catch him the entire race. I managed to eek out a PR on the course after being up most of the night worried about details for the event. And while this PR is only a second and a smidge faster than last, it is for an official 5K certified distance which is a bit longer than the race course last year. The race was a huge success, both in the goal of raising funds for a school capital project, and with our numbers. We had a record turn out of 516 people between our 5K, new 5 mile option and our youth Fun Run!


Time: 23:41:6 
07:38 pace
23/276 overall
1st Female Masters 
Official Results