Ithaca 5&10 2012


IMG_0591This was my first (and only time) participating in the Ithaca 5&10. I ran this race with friends Christina and Jenny as a training run for the Rochester marathon and Scott enjoyed running it solo. We enjoyed running along and chatting as we wandered the Ithaca streets for the 10 mile course. Part of this course follows the same route as the Ithaca Twilight so it was very familiar. Even running with friends, I felt like the 10 miles felt long and challenging. I struggle to run on city streets, whether alone or in a race. More than any other running, when the blocks are short I find myself feeling like I’ve been running for much longer than I usually find out that I’ve been running when I check my gps!

Results: 1:31:47, 86/125 female, 12/18 age group



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