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Race Day

Scott and Xander at the Frolic

Scott and Xander at the Frolic

This was the kids' first trail race! Scott registered to run the 15K and the kids and I signed up for the 7K. We were all excited. We brought a Michael Boggs and his son Duncan to the race, and we all enjoyed our ride over. Elizabeth was very nervous about the event, and Xander was really excited. We all grabbed our bibs, got ready to run and said goodbye to Scott as he headed toward the front of the pack. We took our spots near the back of the pack, and listened intently as the race director explained the turn off for the 7K distance. We were not very far into the race when we were LOST. I thought I had followed the instructions well, but somehow misunderstood the turn location. We were the last participants and luckily we were lost with another woman. The 4 of us wandered back and forth for awhile, before finding our way back to the trail. The experience scared the kids, and made me realize I should have thought to bring the map with me!! About 30 or 40 minutes into the run, Elizabeth was tired and started walking. We had agreed pre-race to stay together. Xander was disappointed, as it was clear that his sister wasn't going to return to running right away. Luckily a woman I know from the Finger Lakes Running Club, Maria, was near us. She offered to run with Xander. I wasn't sure I wanted to stick her with being responsible for him, but she was genuine in her offer and he was very eager. He enjoyed his run with Maria and we were both so grateful to her for offering. He got to run and I was able to stay back with Elizabeth and give her the support she needed. Ultimately we had a great time and it was an overall good experience for the kids and for Scott and me. Scott did very well on the 15K and had a lot of fun!


Time 1:02:13
75/85 (Xander finished in 55:32; 66/85)
Official Results