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Race Day

This is always a special race for our family. The Interlaken Steeplechase was Scott's first 5K and then the kids and I joined in the following year. We spent years alternating running with the kids and now they are old enough to run their own race. I was 8 seconds slower than last year, but had a good race. My friend Brenda reminded me that each day is different and to celebrate it. I was 2nd overall female so I got a super cool steeple statue made by co-race organizer Scott V. I tried and tried to catch 10 year old Xander but he wasn't having it. I started about 10 seconds behind him and by the end he had widened the gap to a minute. First mile split was 6:45 and I hit the hill at 11 minutes. I lost my breathing rhythm at minute 13 and didn't get it back til the top of the hill at minute 21. I was hot and had to take off my ear band. I was very glad that I didn't keep my fleece on. It was fun to have our whole family run the race!


Time: 24:37
Overall: 27/114
2nd female overall
Official Results