Total Immersion Week #8

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Last Friday I realized that our class was almost over. With a mere one class left, it was time to see if I could swim for a sustained duration so I could come armed with questions for the last class. I went through the practice sequence Shane has been having us do, and then started my swim. It was AMAZING! I felt happy, graceful and I felt like I was moving water. Most importantly it felt repeatable. After my half mile, I showered an headed to BodyPump but it was Zombie Night in Trumansburg and our regular crew was there. I was doing the dance driving, so while it was great to be able to workout, there was no one in class to share with. When I got home, Scott arrived back from being a Zombie to find me jumping up and down saying “I SWAM a half mile!! It was faster than before! It was FUN!!!” This was one of those times when I wish this was important enough to the world to have that little email come through with “trending on Twitter.” I was on cloud 9 for at least the next day.

Beware of High Expectations

And then class started. I was excited and a little more scared than usual. I knew this was our last, and my schedule may not let me hop right into the next offering for Level 2. We did our dry land work and then hopped into the pool. Shane asked us to swim the first 5 lengths as lazily as possible. For me the trouble was that we started swimming in pairs. Immediately I felt like it was a race and I was afraid I couldn’t keep up. Quickly, my happy attitude disappeared and I was stuck in a battle in my head for much of the next half hour. It was during this time that I realized I haven’t shared a lane during most of my swim practice during this class, and I definitely haven’t been next to someone swimming at the same rate. Suddenly I thought about the mass start of the tri and realized that I have a LONG way to go.

However, as the class continued, I eased back into things. We went back to circle swimming and I felt much more relaxed. The tempo trainers came out again and I was really excited to use them. These things are just so nifty that I have to get one!!

Synchronized Swimming

Shane ended our session by swimming with each one of us. He would mirror our stroke and send us the video of the two of us swimming together. The class volunteered me to go first because I was SO cold (and eager to get to the hot tub). So, off I went. This was really cool to watch. It was a great way to end class. After everyone finished their syncro session, we gathered in the hot tub and chatted for awhile. Most of my classmates plan to take session two this winter, and there was a lot of enthusiasm about moving forward in our respective swimming goals.

What’s Next

Shane is offering Session 2 in early January. My kids ski race, so we’re juggling ski race schedules along with the year long activities; piano, choir and dance. My plan is to continue to make it to the pool twice a week and refine all the things we have learned this fall, and I’m working on my schedule for winter. A lot of things will have to fall into place to make winter work, but I’m quasi optimistic that they will.

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