MITHACAL Milers Week #3

January 14th, 2020

As is typical we got our email with our workout early in the day. I read it and thought, “this workout is going to kill me.” Whenever repeats go over a 600 it is really challenging. Our evening called for either 800s or 1000s depending on what my group felt was the best fit. I’m in the middle category so technically I should have been at the 1000, but Adam also said we should be in the 3-4 minute range for speed. With that, at our I pace for 7 minute milers we landed at 3:30+ for the 800. Moving up to a 1000 would put us over 4 minutes.

Scott and I arrived at 6:40ish and I got a mile of running in before the group started. At one point I took a water break and did a full lap before re-starting my watch which is always frustrating! The group arrived and we did our warm-ups. I enjoyed chatting with my friend Elizabeth as we went through the stretch sequence. As we warmed up I noticed the the group was smaller than typical. Tonya is still out with a sore foot and Becca and her team were not there. I still can’t use Xander’s stop watch effectively so I was really glad that Caroline was there. She’s great with her watch!

Our workout went really well. After another 10 minute official warm-up we started. We were able to hit our goal of 55/56 second splits. The group chatted about dinners and kids and fitness goals during our lovely rest time and we got to know each other better. I left more energized than when I arrived and super pleased that I hit 6 miles with the evening (that’s what I put into the marathon training plan for Mithacal Milers nights).

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