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My grand winter training plan hasn't gone as smoothly as I would like to have had it be. I knew it would happen. We had some trips planned, the winter was cold and rainy and just rather miserable a lot of the time and I was really busy with my job as a long term substitute math teacher and my job as a baker. Some days this winter I felt like I barely had time to sleep, no less work out!!

I stopped actually looking at my plan for awhile and that meant that I stopped marking things in regularly (to note changes or even know what I actually planned to do!). I owe a HUGE thank you to Strava for making it SO easy for me to look back and transfer my actual workouts to my chart!!

Training plan comments

I have been feeling really bad about not hitting my goals lately, but when I went to transfer things over, it was really only a couple of weeks that were way off base. I recently had a really great long run so that made me feel ok. All in all, everything is a balancing act and the training was the ball that fell this time.

I had a good solid long run on Saturday that reminded me that I am still capable of a happy, fun long run!

And then there are the repeats

Scott asked me to go with him to Barton Hall to do repeats this morning. I reluctantly agreed. We've barely had a chance to see each other lately and he wanted to have my company. I had my "I'm going to endure this" mentality for the way there, so I know he was thinking, "why did I ask her to come?" as we headed into Barton. Once there though, I quickly embraced the opportunity. After all, I had the experience from MITHACAL milers so I knew the drill. I talked with a woman who was standing there in a sweatshirt, dismayed. She had forgotten her shirt. I told her to run in her sports bra, "no one will care," I said. She decided to give it a go and we smiled at each other each time we rounded the track in opposite directions we were working out.

I ran a 1 one mile warm-up and then began the intervals. Scott was doing 5x1000 per the plan that he's following from the book, Run Less, Run Faster. I thought I'd do a 1000, then an 800, then 600, etc. However, after I ran the first 1000 at I pace, I remembered how much I enjoyed doing 1000s with my MITHACAL miles friends. I would try for 3 or 4 of them so I could finish with Scott.

I ran each 1000 at Interval (I) pace which for me is 55 seconds. I was typically between 52-55 for this, so I was pretty happy. I also learned that I am actually able to see the screen when I use the lap setting on my stopwatch (I thought it was too small so I hadn't used it during training this winter). I ended up opting to do 3 sets of 1000 vs the 5 that Scott did so that we could end around the same time. I could have done 4 .. but I would have lost cool down time that while not actually necessary felt luscious and desirable!

Confidence restored

It was a good exercise to go up there, do some interval work and realize that falling off track for a couple of weeks of training isn't the end of the world. I cut myself some slack, realizing that there are many bigger problems in the world and I let myself be grateful that I can run. I am grateful for whatever I have time for, all the positive choices I make and for the time to connect with my husband!