Main image for MITHACAL Milers Week 1 Time to Read: ~2 min

I missed the time trial because I had an evening conflict. To be perfectly candid, I was really happy about this! I am in the slowest group anyway, so I knew my time trial wasn't going to really affect my training (except maybe put me behind the slowest group).

For week #1, Adam sent out an email with our workout. I had forgotten he did that and didn't check my email before we headed up. Scott asked on the way if I knew my times for the evening. I looked at him cluelessly as I realized I had missed an email. No concern I said, I know other people in my group will have checked the email.

We arrived early and ran 10 minutes on the track before starting the warm-ups. It is always nicer to arrive early and have that time to run. Last time we did this I felt like we were always late. We did our familiar stretches that I really enjoy and broke into our pace groups.

Our workout for the evening was a ladder. We had 3 sets of 200, 200, 400 with equal rest in between each set. We ran at R pace. That meant for us that our goal was 53 seconds for each 200. The trouble was that I wore my Apple watch instead of a stopwatch. It has a stopwatch feature, but you can't also have the gps running in the background. I wanted to record my distance, so I relied on others to record our timing. This worked great until our timing person moved up to the next faster group. Most of us were in the similar boat of not having a watch or having an Apple watch so we made it work with rough approximations, people taking turns looking etc. Our general problem was that we were a little fast which is better than being a little too slow.

I really enjoyed the workout. It was fun to run with friends again even though it was hard! I get really scared before a repeat starts and then you just have to run and can't think about anything but staying up with the group. I love the recovery time!