Session 1 Wrap Up

What I learned

I was excited to sign up for this class, but was also frightened. My biggest worry; failing level 1! Shane helped build everyone’s confidence though, and we gradually built upon each skill learned. The things that stand out for me include;

  • Realizing how much I would learn from my classmates. There is something very comforting about being in this together with others. We all came here from very different swim backgrounds and for different reasons, but we were in the same place learning together. Whether it was learning from their questions or by watching others practice what we were learning, it was valuable.
  • I looked forward to Tuesdays for Shane’s Zen approach. He radiates a calm energy and brings out the best in people. I left every session feeling calm and confident. Shane also helped me realize that this isn’t personal. We all have our own rate of learning, and we just need to be patient and let things happen and relax.
  • Midway through the session I was practicing quasi lap swimming in the warm pool. The lifeguard came over and reminded me that lap swimming was not permitted in this pool and suggested I move to the warm pool. At that time the thought of actually swimming in the cold pool was impossible. This was week FOUR of the session; by week 8 it was hard to remember ever being in the warm pool!
  • During week 7 a classmate asked why she was out of breath. She was concerned she didn’t have the cardio fitness needed. Shane told her that she already had the cardio from running. The calmness would come in the water when she nailed technique. It seems obvious, but this was a revelation to me. I’m in great cardiovascular shape, and if I’m out of breath with swimming of course it was form related.

I recommend this class to anyone that I meet. It has been a high point of my fall. I feel optimistic about my future with swimming.  I’m excited to keep adding to my “house of cards” in level 2. Whether that is this winter or later, I know Shane will guide me well through the process. I also really enjoyed meeting my classmates and swimming with them every week!


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