MITHACAL Miles: Workout 2

January 2, 2018

Our 2nd workout was our first official workout in Barton. Last week was the holiday break so Adam sent out a workout for us to do alone. This week it was FREEZING outside, so we were excited about running inside.

I was working on school things right up to the second it was time to go and has somehow forgotten that we have to BE there at 7, instead thinking we leave home at 7. Elizabeth was teaching piano and Xander was in bed sick, so I felt a bit bad about leaving him. I was worried he’d wake up and need something during the time that all 3 of us were gone. But, off we went, arriving just a few minutes late and missing the first half of warm-ups. Note to self for next time: arrive on time!

Workout Structure

We began with the series of warm-ups mostly to loosen up our hips. Next week I’m going to write down what they are because I couldn’t remember to go back and do the ones I missed. Then, we ran a 10 minute warm-up run at a comfortable pace.

Each set:

  • 200 repeat pace followed by 200 recovery jog
  • 200 repeat pace followed by 200 recovery jog
  • 400 repeat pace followed by 400 recovery jog

*Repeat for 3-5 complete sets.  This is based on your weekly mileage: for 30 miles a week he suggested we do 3 sets.

The Repeats

My repeat times. 110 seconds (1:50) for a 400 and 55 for the 200.

This is what was totally new for me and surprisingly FUN. Adam asked us if we needed our paces. Our paces were calculated based on our mile time trial 2 weeks ago using the Jack Daniels calculator. I had mine written on my hand. I was worried that I’d forget them and thought I’d be running solo.

He went on to explain the mechanics of the evening. We’d run in a group so he asked us to find a group based on our mile time. He reminded us we shouldn’t be running alone. The point of this workout was to have a group and take turns leading, following, encourage each other, etc. He also talked about passing, moving to the outside lanes on our recovery laps and more. I joined the 7 min mile group of people and before we could even think about it, we were off.

The Group

After last week’s solo workout I was convinced that I do my best running alone, but I realized in this week’s group training that the group helps!! It was so much FUN!! I was able to hit the paces with a smile, enjoying the opportunity to talk with everyone during the recovery run. We felt connected, stronger and happy as we ran on the indoor track at Barton. My group ran 3 sets and then I enjoyed a cool down run with Tonya.

Final stretches

Scott and I left for these; with Xander home sick and the fact that it was the first day back to reality after vacation we felt pulled home. I would like to stay next week as the stretching/core work is super helpful.





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