2019 Reports

This is my list of race reports for 2019! It was a half marathon focused year that was pretty fun. I enjoyed them all for different reasons. If you click on the race name you can read the full report for the race.

April 7, 2019 Skunk Cabbage Half

This is always the kick off to running season where you get to see everyone. I look forward to the Skunk because it is local, they don’t let you run with music so it is a challenge, and I am always reminded that I actually still like to run. Check out the race.

Time: 2:01:47
Age Group: 2 of 22
Gender: 80 of 227
Overall: 226 of 452

June 13, 2019 Gorges Ithaca Half

I love that this race practically beings in our backyard! The course changes a lot, and it seems like there is something new every year, but the post race vibe remains the same. It is a BLAST! It is one of those races you can actually run just to get to the end. The party on the Ithaca Commons is so much fun it is worth the run even if you aren’t amazingly trained. Check out the race!

Time: 1:56:50
Age Group: 11 of 81
Gender: 132 of 641
Overall: 293 of 990

August 4, 2019 Cayuga Lake Triathlon

This race starts literally 3 miles from my house. I could bike there if there wasn’t so much stuff to carry! The swim is challenging but they have a buoy line all the way out and the bike course is just gorgeous. Check out the race.

  • Swim 49:11, T1 2:19
  • Bike 1:29:04, T2 2:15
  • Run 57:43
  • Overall 3:20:32
  • 6/9 age group 32/48 gender 116/146 overall Intermediate.

November 10, 2019 Syracuse Half

I did this race a few years ago by myself when it was a pretty rough snowstorm and very cold. It wasn’t the year of the SYRACRAZY snow when Scott did it, but it was challenging. This year was totally different – the entire family ran and we all ran our own race. This is a really well organized race and it was a GREAT way to end a season. I had a blast with my family! Check out the race.

With Elizabeth right before the race start!

Time: 1:53:46
Age Group: 15 of 223
Overall: 771 of 3166